Thursday, September 22, 2022

1986 Topps Baseball: Pete Rose Tribute

With the fall weather kicking in (Not complaining) and it is rainy I decided to go through the over 30 Topps baseball albums and I started with the 1986 Topps. The first 7 cards are all of Pete Rose and I thought it was very interesting that Topps showed all of his card's numbers 2-6 as 4 cards per front like a collage and the first card Pete's 1986 Topps card # 1.

The older cards of Pete bring back memories as I enjoyed the older issues because the action photos were interesting and some from spring training because of the palm trees in the background. Let's look at those 6 cards and card number 7, I have a question to ask but let's start with them numerically

This is card # 2 and as you can see the first four years of Pete's Topps cards starting with his 1963 rookie card showing three other rookies: Pedro Gonzalez, Ken McMullen, Pete Rose and Al Weis. Of these four cards I like the 1965 Topps card best, the small pennant icon showing the Reds older logo is cool.

This one is card number 3 showing four more years of Pete's Topps cards. The Topps 1970 I dislike the most from these four and I like best the 1967 Topps card because of the size of the photo and with borders.

This card is number 4 and these four my favorites would be the 1971 Topps and 1972 Topps. The 1971 I like mostly because of the black border as it made trying to get a mint set difficult and that is what I enjoy the most is the challenge. I dislike the 1973 Topps card; the 1974 Topps is ok but again not that great.

This card is number 5 and my favorite is the 1975 Topps because that is one of my favorite Topps designs, the 1976 Topps I like because the photos were bigger, and these were difficult to find centered because of the photo size.

This is card number 6 and I like the 1981 Topps best followed by the 1982 Topps. I will say that I do not care to see facsimile autos on cards because if you like the cards design and you want to get it autographed it is in the way and if the player signs over it it looks terrible and messes up the original auto.  

This is card number 7 and the final Rose tribute but if you look at the first photo you see Rose thinking of a player. Can anyone name who that player is?? I have my answer but won't reveal until I read what others reply. My favorites here are the 1983 & 1984 Topps cards I love the small inset but I am leaning towards the round inset versus the square inset, your thoughts on the inset???

The number one card is Petes 1986 Topps card and these cards I liked because of the black area on the top of the card. I will be posting more Baseball cards and if anyone would like to see a certain set please comment and I will do my best to post that set. Until next time I hope everyone is enjoying these posts and remember Happy Collecting and Stay Safe!!!!!


  1. It's Ty Cobb he's thinking about.The back of the card emphasizes that he passed Cobb to become the all-time hits leader in 1985.

  2. I remember pulling those Rose's from packs of 1986 Topps, but don't remember seeing Cobb. As far as round vs. square... 1983 is one of my favorite baseball sets of all-time, so I guess I'll go with round.

  3. You'd never see these in a modern Topps set!